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About Drunken Goat

We’ve lost touch with the art of the siesta and Drunken Goat is here to change that.

At Drunken Goat, we take the time to handcraft every meal on our menu using locally-sourced and artisan ingredients. Our cheese-monger and wine experts meticulously select each bottle of wine and block of cheese we stock–and will gladly walk you through our collection–so that you get precisely what you need for any occasion. Like what you taste? Take it home with you, shop our delicious provisions in our artisan Mercado.

Our sprawling outdoor patio is open longer throughout the season and later into the night than most anywhere else in the Valley because we know that–sometimes–to really be able to breathe deep and relax, you need to see the stars.

So come take a siesta with us, and rediscover the beauty of living life paso a paso—step by step.

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