The story of Drunken Goat, like all great folklores, is a love story at its core.

It’s a story about a boy–Casey Glowacki–born and raised in the majesty of the Colorado mountains, who departed the Centennial State to establish a successful career as a restaurateur in Charleston, South Carolina, only to be beckoned back home to the natural splendor of Vail Valley. And it’s a story about reconnecting with life the way it should be–slow and steady.

After crisscrossing across the country in a myriad of jobs from ski bum to corporate chef, Casey found himself in Charleston where he met his beautiful wife Rachel, started a family, and in no time was the owner and operator of seven restaurants across the city. Business was booming and life was moving fast. Maybe a little too fast.

Casey wanted to reconnect with the mountain lifestyle; with long sunsets and midsummer hikes; with habitually living in the moment. So he sold his restaurants, moved back to the place that had inspired so much adolescent wonder in him, and founded Drunken Goat on that principle: Living for the moment.




General Manager


Head Chef